Anna baiguera

Anna Baiguera is the founder of her namesake brand. 

She’s a creative who grew up in a family of luxury footwear manufacturers. 

Her ideal of refinement, initially embodied in the ballet shoe, recalls the lightness and the aesthetic harmony of dance movements. From the ethereal beauty of the ballet, nevertheless built with tenacity and strictness, rises today a composite collection of shoes featuring only flats and mid heels.

Our philosophy

Creating a shoe is an art for few. Holding up the body’s weight, carrying its pace all day, lasting in time: essentials, which can be achieved only with technical expertise. At Anna Baiguera this virtuosity meets a vision of sophisticated style and the desire for comfort.


#ABwomen are multi-facetted with a contemporary lifestyle and a cosmopolitan mindset. Their style approach is chic, yet comfortable; paying attention to details and quality, valuing sustainability and products that last.

where anna baiguera shoes are made

MADE IN ITALY, for real.

Sustainability is at the core of Anna Baiguera.

We #buysmall and support other local, small producers throughout the design, production and packaging process. 

All shoes are 100% made in Italy from natural, vegetable-tanned leather.

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