Redefining the concept of comfy shoes: Here at Anna Baiguera, we believe in quality. We believe in products that stand the test of time. We believe that women who are comfy in their own skin (and shoes) are the prettiest. And we believe that shoes worth investing in are chic AND comfy. We simply cannot stand shoes that hurt and we absolutely cannot accept the negative connotation of comfort. They say: No pain, no gain…? We say: Let the others totter, while we conquer… in AB shoes! We want you to walk that extra mile, go sky-high and dance the night away. Whether it’s a job interview, a work lunch, a family party or a night out: AB creates shoes that support a contemporary woman’s lifestyle. But how do you wear them for the different occasions? That’s a question we love to ask our #ABwomen from all around the globe with different styles, cultures, ages and daily businesses.


Styling 101 with Anna Baiguera:
Take 3 essential boots and get 12 outfit ideas for different occasions. Take inspiration, copy or restyle. What’s your adventure?


It’s not a secret that we all have new hobbies since 2020. For your next book club meeting, get some high-brow books but keep your look casual. Meaning: A pair of good fitting jeans, an oversized shirt and the sleekest Chelsea boots in town.


All dressed up, nowhere to go? Sometimes it just feels good to throw on some fancy clothes, pair them with your favorite boots and hang around at home alone. Shake yourself a martini, play some Sinatra or a 90’s Julia Roberts movie and enjoy yourself (and your new boots).


Birthdays, anniversaries or just some good old tea time at grandma’s: whenever you want to look put together but still be comfy enough for a big feast – these boots will help you gloss over uncle Jack’s embarrassing questions about your private life and make you look like a pro when it comes to playing cards. Let the games begin!


Airport style is a thing! The chicest way to travel these days: a monochrome set plus boots with sneaker-comfort. Feels like you’re still in your PJs while looking incredibly sophisticated. The boots add some spice to the look. What else is there left to say? Copy it!


Dress to impress! Ladies who lunch meet for two reasons: to see and be seen. Give them something to gossip about and wear your not-so-average knee-high boots with a leather dress or coat on top.


On a practical level, these classic riding boots can be worn 24/7. They make a statement at work just as at the aperitivo after – especially in combination with a white button down. Styling-Tip: For a supreme after-work look, make some tweaks like rolling up the sleeves, adding a belt or some statement earrings.


Yes, these rough riding boots are perfect even for a romantic night out. Light a candle and pair them with, well… bare legs for the ultimate seduction level.


For days full of calls and zoom meetings: wear cute leggings (that kind of leggings you don’t wear to the gym, you know), a power blazer and tough boots. Your feet will be firmly on the ground. You’ll feel the grip, you’ll be inspired, and yeah, you’ll be able to focus better… see? These boots are totally worth the investment.


When it comes to job interviews and business meetings you need a look that enhances your poker face. Fake it until you make it if you need to – but keep an elegant silhouette, adding a power blazer on top and always, always go for classic quality shoes like our knee-high riding boots.


How to look like an art connoisseur when you aren’t? This is where a sophisticated look meets an “couldn’t care less”-attitude. In other words: create a contrast by mixing materials or playing with feminine and masculine pieces like a cute dress and rough biker boots. Add a hat that makes you seem musing when gazing at an artwork. Get the picture? Well, then we think you’re ready to spend some time in art galleries & museums.


 Fresh air, long walks and a lot of time to relax: when the countryside is calling, make sure to bring comfy clothes like jeans, a parka and footwear you can rely on. For all the city-girls among us who don’t feel like they’re in their element (yet): believe it or not, these Chelsea boots will enable you to channel your inner countryside-goddess.


Whether you’re on the hunt for antiques, browsing through vintage clothing racks or just strolling through the local farmer’s market: these double leather strap buckled bikers will be your lucky boots for bargaining. We think their best deal is a monoroche white/beige look – and don’t forget to pick up some flowers on the way to add some color.

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