AB shoes are made from leather. The tanning process is natural, all leathers are vegetable-tanned. To do so, AB fully respects the environment and keeps sustainability standards. AB leathers do not undergo a chemical surface treatment. A great side effect: this guarantees our leathers’ famous softness and silkiness, as well as their breathability.

This fact request a certain attention and shoe care, though. Our leather shoes are delicate; they are sensitive to strong sunlight and heat; they can absorb substances like water, oil, perfume, creams, sweat. As leather is a natural product, this all can leave signs and result in a change of color.

If the leather shows signs or stains due to involuntary contact with the above stated or other substances, the supervision of our AB experts is necessary.

We absolutely advise against the use of cremes, bleach, sprays or any other chemical treatments whether it’s before wearing the shoes or after they got damaged.

Our expert team that is responsible of the finishing and shoe care will be able to give you indications and provide you with potential solutions. In any case, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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