Redefining the concept of comfy shoes: Here at Anna Baiguera, we believe in quality. We believe in products that stand the test of time. We believe that women who are comfy in their own skin (and shoes) are the prettiest. And we believe that shoes worth investing in are chic AND comfy. We simply cannot stand shoes that hurt and we absolutely cannot accept the negative connotation of comfort. They say: No pain, no gain…? We say: Let the others totter, while we conquer… in AB shoes! We want you to walk that extra mile, go sky-high and dance the night away. Whether it’s a job interview, a work lunch, a family party or a night out: AB creates shoes that support a contemporary woman’s lifestyle. But how do you wear them for the different occasions? That’s a question we love to ask our #ABwomen from all around the globe with different styles, cultures, ages and daily businesses.

Victoria Steiner
styles AB Bikers

Stylist, content creator and mother to be: The Swiss digital entrepreneur, Victoria Steiner, goes all in for quality and comfort – now more than ever. She has a thing for timeless classics, which is why AB boots belong to her fall staples. Find out how she wears our Chelsea boots in three different ways…

When do you wear your AB boots?

For all my everyday looks! I wear them to get a quick coffee in the morning, to take my dog Arthur out for a walk as well as for a baby shopping stroll.

What do you like particularly about your AB boots?

The Quality! The boots’ design is timeless and you can mix and match them in so many different days. The perfect Chelsea boots!

What are your other fall essentials?

Comfy boots, oversized blazer and a leather coat. At the moment also: a flattering pregnancy leggings paired with a cozy cardigan.

Styling tip: What do you pay attention to when creating a look?

I love simple, wearable looks and prefer to keep it monochrome.

Your 5 favorite Instagram-profiles at the moment?

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